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How Does Med. Sync. Work?

Med. Sync. is the process of synchronizing all of your monthly medications to be due for pick up on the same day of each month.

The process starts with a phone call or email to 610-494-1445 ext.112 or [email protected] to inform our Pharmacy Manager (Diane) that you would like to enroll in the Med. Sync. service. From there Diane will work with you to make sure that your medication list is correct and up to date.

The Med. Sync. service is a process that at first, can take two to three fills to get all of your medications synchronized.

1st step - Is to make sure all medications are correct and up to date and to pick a day of the month that you would like to pick up your medications.

2nd step - The pharmacy will then start to synchronize your medications by short filling your medicine as needed. Short filling means that the pharmacy will only fill a specific amount of a medication in order to get you on track to your sync. date rather than giving you a 30 day supply.

Step two may need to be repeated a few times to get all of your medications synced to one date. Once you're medications are all synced we will continue to monitor your profile to make sure they remain synced.