How do I sign up for Dispill®?


To sign up for our Dispill® Service just give us a call at 610-494-1445 ext. 112 or email us at [email protected] and Diane, our Pharmacy Manager will handle the rest!

Existing patients - You only need to notify us that you would like to enroll into Dispill® as we will already have your information on file.

New Patients! Please follow the instructions below.

What you will need before you call or email us:

As easy as 1..2..3..!

1. Your currant demographic (name, address..etc.) and currant insurance information.

2. The name and location of your currant primary care physician.

3. Finally, a currant list of all medications and the last pharmacy or location they were filled at.

Anyone can be enrolled in our Dispill® services. Even a patient caregiver may enroll a patient as long as they have the patient's permission.

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