How dispill® works?

Dispill® offers two packing options for patients.

The first packing option Dispill® offers is a Single Color Dispill®. These dispills consist of one single sheet containing a 30 day supply. Which are as follows: Yellow for the morning - White for Noon - Orange for Dinner - Blue for bedtime. With this packing option you would receive multiple dispill packs depending on how many medications you take and at what times you need to take them. For example you may not need all four dosing times and only need a yellow morning pack and a blue bedtime pack.

The second, and most popular packing option is called a Rainbow Dispill®. This packing option has all the colors listed above, (yellow, white, orange, blue.) to be on one dispill pack with a weeks worth of medication per dispill pack. You are given 4 rainbow packs for a 30 day supply of medication. This option is for patients looking for more convivence in their medication routine.

Dispill® Instructions:

1. The Dispill blister pack contains all your medication for 7 days.

2. Your medication is organized by days (rows) and dosage times (columns).

3. Start taking your medication from the bottom row (day 1).

Instruction Sheet

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