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Compression Stocking Overview

We offer a wide selection of Ready to Wear compression stockings including,

Jobst, Sigvaris, Activa, and Therafirm

Compression Stockings, Compression Socks, Support Stockings, Support Hosiery —

What ls the Difference?

There are many different terms for compression stockings, but for the most part, they all mean the same thing: Compression Stockings.

Graduated compression: Also referred to as gradient compression, this term describes the changing level of compression provided to the leg by one set of compression socks or stockings. By design, compression garments provide higher levels of compression at the ankle of the garment and less compression as you move up the leg to encourage blood flow from the bottom of the body back up toward the heart.

mmHg: This stands for millimeters of mercury (Hg) and designates the amount of pressure exerted on the body by a pair of compression stockings.

Compression Stocking Things to Know

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Is Compression right for me?

Who can benefit from wearing compression stockings?

Anyone's legs can feel better while wearing gradient compression stockings, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, standing or in a sedentary position. Gradient compression stockings are...

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Prescripton and Insuance?

Do I need a prescription?

Ready to wear and standard off the shelf compression garments do not require a prescription.

However, some insurance plans require a doctor's prescription. Check with your insurance plan to see if they cover...

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Being Fitted for Compression

You must be measured and fitted for compression stockings! The appropriate time to measure is first thing in the morning if you have any kind of swelling. Aston Pharmacy Home Health Center opens at 9am and we will do fittings until 11am.